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Welcome in Mariemont!

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Mariemont is an exceptional place for a dialogue between art, culture and nature, with unique collections evoking the Orient and the Occident, the past and the present, fauna and flora.

Mariemont is, among other things: a 45 hectare park in the style of an English landscape garden, one of the most beautiful arboretums in Belgium; the ruins of Charles of Lorraine’s palace; the museum, a major work by the architect Bastin; the “Bourgeois de Calais”, by Rodin; the most beautiful collection of Tournai porcelains in the world; hundreds of works from Egypt, Greece and Rome; the monumental statue of Cleopatra (five tonnes); frescoes from the villa of Boscoreale (Pompeii); the Ares from the Somzée collection and numerous others masterpieces of Classical Antiquity; the most complete collection of Chinese antiquities in Belgium; a tea house and numerous collections from Japan, Korea and Vietnam; archaeological and historical collections covering everything about the region; extremely rare manuscripts and handwritten documents, thousands of precious books; a research library with 100,000 volumes; and many other treasures.

Galien - A Greek doctor in the Roman Empire

(26th may - 2th decembre 2018)

Do you want to discover the museum with your family ?

A family trail is available at the reception desk or here to download !

Have fun !

The Buddha is back

After a long restauration the Amida Buddha, brought back by Raoul Warocqué from his journey in the Far East, has been replaced at his former place in the park of Mariemont.